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With hours of collaboration across the world, the speakers at TM-forum were a team, not individual speakers. Ole was part of the team behind a digital masterclass for stunning 8000 attendees online!

The Digital Transformation World Series was awarded Best Digital Conference 2020 - and is one example of many virtual performances for the Norwegian advisor - covering the emergent topics of security, technology, resilience, change and transformation! 

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Entrepreneur and innovator

Mr Braten has a background in consulting and innovation projects within the field of Crisis Management and Leadership. He has been lead on projects in regard to gamification of crisis management training, e-sports and artificial intelligence (AI) to public safety.

He is Co-Founder of CriseTag.AI and Self Simula XR.

He has also contributed to the start-up scene with his experiences both as a crisis management expert and entrepreneur - like her for Google Norway as keynote speaker and workshop leader on a program for innovators, sharing a mindset of resilience. 

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Ole Andre Braten has a background from the United Nations, NATO - and as a Police Superintendent and Assistant Professor at the Norwegian Police University College. He holds a Master of Philosophy in Work- and Organizational Psychology from the University of Oslo.

In 2008, he established his own consultancy and has since provided valuable assistance to the police and justice sector, crisis and security management, cybersecurity, national security, IT, media, sports, banking, finance, transportation, energy, process industries, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, social services, education, and the public sector in general. He has authored numerous books on security and is a widely recognized expert.

In recent years, he has been involved in innovation and development in VR, AI, and other disruptive technologies.

Braten is a highly sought-after speaker, course instructor, and seminar leader in topics related to security, leadership, and technology. He resides in Norway. Braten delivers his services to an international audience. 

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